Report: Huawei’s HongMeng OS is 60% Faster than Android; Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo Already Testing It

It appears that Android ban imposed Huawei to intensively work on its own operating to run on the company’s upcoming smartphones. As per new report coming from Chinese digital newspaper firm Global Times, Huawei has developed its own operating system which will be called Hongxing OS and it is 60% faster than current Google’s Android operating system.

A few weeks ago we went through some leaked screenshots of HongMeng OS which gave us a hint that operating has been already developed and patented. Now, the new report suggests that HongMeng OS already being tested and it will be released in a few upcoming months.

Well, it seems Huawei is not single-handedly working on its upcoming OS. Technology companies like Tencent have teamed up with the Huawei employees who already worked on EMUI project which is custom Android-based OS currently running on Huawei and Honor smartphones. That means, there would be a better optimized operating system in the works you will see from Huawei on their upcoming smartphones.

Furthermore, smartphone OEMs includes Vivo, Oppo, and Xiaomi has already tested new HongMeng OS on their smartphone which reportedly was shown as being 60% more faster compared to the Android OS.

It was obvious that Huawei will make a comeback in a short time with its own operating system. In fact, the new operating system was developed earlier before Huawei’s US ban. So, in case if anything ever happens as the current situation, it can be used as plan B. Further, before the Android ban, Google also warned Trump government that Android ban for Huawei will prompt the company to develop its own operating system which could risk compromising US national interests.

When asked about the official release of HongMeng OS, Shao Yang who is Chief Strategy Officer of Huawei’ Business consumer group said, “that’s a secret”.

Further, Global Times also reportedly asked about HongMeng OS to Xiaomi. But the company denied for sharing information about this matter.


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