PUBG Mobile Announced India Tour 2019 with 1.5 Crore Prize Pool: Here’s How to Participate

PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround aka PUBG has 200 million total users while around 30 million user goes online daily. The game has taken over the mobile gaming market by storm all over the world. And so we come across so many ‘headlines’ in India. This time PUBG is back with another new big tournament for the PUBG lovers in India. In this post, I will show you how to register for PUBG Mobile India Tour 2019 tournament.

In partnership with Tencent games, PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround Mobile India Tour 2019 is the largest scale tournament arriving again after the PUBG Mobile India Series 2018. The tournament is big in its own because the winning team will get 1.5 crores pool prize in this tournament which is the highest prize ever until now in PUBG tournament.

Any PUBG players can participate in this tournament. So, here we got you covered with all the details and how to register for PUBG Mobile India tour tournament.

How to Register for PUBG Mobile Tour 2019

  • Go to PUBG Mobile official website.
  • Fill out your personal details. It will ask for your id proof details.
  • Once the details are filled up, click on ‘Register’ for India Tour.
  • You will get verification email on your id. So, go to the inbox.
  • Simply tap on the verification link.
  • Once you will verify your account, you will get a pop-up on screen says ‘Activate my account’.
  • Tapping on that button will complete your registration for PUBG Mobile Tour 2019.

Things to Remember

  • The upcoming tournament will be open to all Indian residents who possess a PUBG Mobile account that is ranked higher than Platinum Tier 5 or at least level 20.
  • The tournament is only available for entire squads, solo and duo queue are not allowed, so interested candidates need an entire team.
  • Emulators are strictly prohibited and only the mobile gaming platforms are allowed.
  • Players can be banned if they are found using any 3rd-party apps that give them any unfair advantages.
  • Incorrect information will lead to disqualification.

Game Format

  • PUBG India Tour 2019 is exclusive to the squad-only format.
  • The matches will be played across every battle royale map.
  • Players have to play in TPP and FPP. This will ensure that players have an all-rounded experience.

Users Must Select One Region to Play

Well, the new PUBG Mobile Tour India 2019 is open for all users across India. Although, contestants must select one of the 4 regional options provided to them to register in. These are the following regions;

Jaipur – Group A
Guwahati – Group B
Pune – Group C
Vizag – Group D

4 Phases of the Tournament

Phase 1: In-Game Qualifiers

In Phase 1, squads will have to play 15 classic mode matches on Erangel map. Among them, 10 best-scored games will be considered. The score will be given based upon kills and finishing position. If there will be a tie, other factors such as survival time and accuracy will be considered.

From Phase 1, 500 squads will qualify.


  • Group A: July 15th- July 21st
  • Group B: July 29th – August 4th
  • Group C: August 12th – August 18th
  • Group D: August 26th – September 1st

Phase 2: Online Play-Offs

Now, these 500 squads will play two rounds.

In round 1, 500 squads will be divided into the 25 groups with 20 squads each. After the game, only the top 3 squads by the score from each group will be advanced for round 2. The parameters to choose winning teams will be the same as mentioned earlier.

In round 2, the 100 squads will be divided into five groups with 20 squads each. They will play three matches. And only the top four squads, by score, from each group, will move on the group finals.

These two rounds will be played in different maps includes, Erangel, Vikendi, Miramar and Sanhok.

Round 1 Dates 

  • Group A: July 29th- August 5th
  • Group B: August 12th – August 19th
  • Group C: August 26th – September 2nd
  • Group D: September 9th – September 16th

Round 2 Dates 

  • Group A: August 6th- August 10th
  • Group B: August 20th – August 24th
  • Group C: September 3rd – September 7th
  • Group D: September 17th – September 21st

Phase 3: Group Finals

The top 20 winner squad now will move for the group finals. These 20 squads will play five matches. Four squads with the highest scores move to the Grand finals. This will also include all the maps. For this Phase, squads will have to travel to the pre-determined venues.


  • Group A: August 25th
  • Group B: September 8th
  • Group C: September 22nd
  • Group D: October 6th

Wild Card Entries:

The bottom 16 squads from a group final match will join the bottom 16 squads from other groups. These 64 squads will be divided into 4 groups of 16 squads each. They will play 5 matches. The squad with the highest score from each group will join the grand finals.


  • Between October 8th to October 11th

Phase 4: Grand Finals

Top 4 squads from each of the four groups (total of 16 squads), plus the four winning squads from the wild card matches will play in the Grand Finals. They will play five matches. For the finals, all contestants of Grand Finals matches will travel to Kolkata.


  • October 20


  • Winning team: INR 1.5 Crores
  • Second runner up: INR 20 Lakhs
  • Third runner up: INR 10 lakhs

Furthermore, all other teams who make it to the finales will receive cash price.



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