Redmi Note 7 Pro Transparent Glass Back Gallery

Xiaomi’s spin-off brand launched Redmi Note 7 Pro back in March. Hope you have gone through our review which will give you how it performs in day to day life. We, Right Brothers have Space Black color variant of Redmi Note 7 Pro. And honestly, for us, it was looking just like an ordinary phone.

So, we converted that black glass into transparent one which looks much more elegant and satisfying. We made it at our own studio and things really gone wrong at one time. So, we don’t want to suggest anyone perform this task at home. You will lose your warranty and just in case if the glass will sleep from your hand, it can break. 

I have attached here a gallery of transparent Redmi Note 7 Pro device. You can see it in full glory. Let us know in the comment section what do you think about it.

So, things went like this…

First, we used a hair dryer to lose the adhesive from the glass panel. Now because it is a hair dryer, the temperature needs to be high. So, it required to use approx 7-8 minutes continuously.

We used a razor blade to separate the panel which we don’t recommend to use. And thankfully we got success and removed back panel without breaking it. We separated the fingerprint sensor from the back.

Now, this is where things went wrong. The phone was not turning on. We started finding solutions on the web. And one that was working in every case was let the battery died by itself and then charge the phone again. So for the time, we put that aside to discharge and started removing the colors. There are a total of two layers – We started removing it using the razor blade and made it transparent in the time battery dies.

After a couple of hours, the battery died and the mentioned method on the forum didn’t work in my case. We started analyzing internals and we found the display flex has been cut. Now, there was a half cut so the touch was working even from the black screen.

On Xiaomi’s official website the display costs Rs. 3999. But we weren’t ready for it. We went to the mobile market in our city. Where we met one person who said I can give my 100% to fix this. And thankfully he made it work because it was a small cut there and it did cost only 600 rupees.

So, we don’t recommend to anyone to perform this task at home. You will lose your warranty.