Download Google Camera for RealMe U1

In India, the majority of people choose to go with the mid-range smartphones. So, that they can change their device after some certain period of time. With fewer smartphones, Realme is now India’s fifth-leading smartphone brand. Well, in this post I will show you how you can download google camera for Realme U1.

For reference, Realme U1 comes with the dual camera system on the rear side which houses 13MP primary sensor of f/2.2 aperture paired with the 2MP secondary depth sensor of f/2.4 aperture. Both the cameras are AI-powered. And with the integration of MediaTek Helio P70 chipset, the device will have features like real-time beautification, scene detection and it will support some of the Augmented reality applications.

Although, Realme U1 comes with the optimized camera app. But, I would suggest you download Google camera for your Realme U1 and try at least once. It would capture stunning images.

Why You Should Go For Google Camera?

With the Pixel 3 lineup, Google enhanced camera features. This is what makes Google Pixel 3 to stand out against all of the other smartphones even after a long time. Google has added some tasty features includes the Night Sight feature, top shot, and much more others. Yes, you can take a perfect snap using Google camera and this is the reason why everyone wants Google camera on their Android devices.

So, I am here with the working google camera for Realme U1 that let you capture stunning images from the 12MP camera.

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Download Google Camera for Realme U1

Before you download any of the Google cameras for Realme U1 device, I have something to share. As you might know, Realme U1 doesn’t come with the Camera2 API enabled out-of-the-box. So, you can either;

  • Enable Camera2 API by rooting your device using Magisk which as a result would unlock all the doors to tweak your phone.
  • OR you can simply install Google camera mod.

I have attached different Google cameras for your Realme U1 down below. So, you can download any Google camera you want and install them on your Realme U1. Please do note, all the Google cameras are working perfectly. Just, make sure your Realme U1 is running on Android Pie. Because they work fine on Android Pie without crashes.

We would really appreciate if you leave an update in comments below. So, that we can know, how Google camera is performing on your Realme U1 device.


Thank you to Arnova8G2 for developing Google camera. I would suggest you to give priority to the first one. If it fails, you can go with others.

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