Realme 3 Pro Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features to Get Most Out of ColorOS 6

Realme just introduced its mid-range device in India with decent specifications and competitive pricing to give tough competition to the Redmi Note 7 Pro. Realme 3 Pro is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 chipset and runs on Color OS 6.0 based on Android Pie.

1. Enable Night Mode

Every App developers and even Google is implementing night mode after realizing it is very useful and it even saves some amount of battery in AMOLED screens. Night mode is very useful while you are using your phone in the night. Light mode/ White mode cause the eye strain and night mode helps to prevent that.

To Enable, Drag Down Notification Panel –-> Night Mode –> Enable

2. Enable Gaming Mode

ColorOS 6 will bring the revamped UI, optimizations and other new features to the recent game space. It enables the gaming mode when it recognizes that you’re playing a game and improves your performance. It also stops calls and messages so you can play the game without any interruption.

3. Create Clone Applications

Realme 3 Pro also supports the cloning of application which means you can use two application at the same time. Like two WhatsApp account, two facebook account or any other apps.

To Enable, Setting –> Clone Apps –-> Select App –-> Enable App Cloning

4. Full-Screen Navigation Gestures

Realme 3 Pro comes with Android Pie style navigation gestures by default and if you’d like that implementation you can change it to the full-screen navigation gestures.

To Enable, go to Settings –> Smart & Convenient –> Navigation Keys

5. Network Speed Indicator

The network speed indicator is a very handy feature. It also helps sometimes to know whether your wifi is working or not or your data is left or not.

To Enable, Settings –> Notification and Statusbar –> Real-time Network Speed

6. Screen recording

If you want to record something from the screen then you can do that on your device without downloading third-party applications. ColorOS does have the same feature inside the device. You can also record sound along with the screen.

To Enable, Swipe Down Notification Panel –> Start Screen Recording –> Allow Sound Recording

7. Enable Assistive Ball

Assistive ball feature is very inspired by the assistive touch in iPhones. You can navigate anything from anywhere on your screen. You can also add an application or function to the assistive ball.

To Enable, Settings –> Smart & Convenient –> Assistive Ball –> Enable

8. Enable Three Finger Screenshot

Three finger screenshot is a very useful feature. You don’t have to press the power key and volume key for a few seconds to screenshot. This is more fast and accurate.

To Enable, Settings -> Smart & Convenient -> Gesture & Motion

9. Enable USB OTG Connection

Using the OTG cable you can connect the pen drive to the mobile and transfer the files between Pendrive and mobile device. To do this transfer you need to first enable the connection from the settings.

To Enable, Settings –> Additional Settings –> OTG connection –> Enable

10. Split Screen

Split screen feature really comes in handy when you want to use two application simultaneously when your device has a bigger display.

To Enable, Setting –> App Split Screen –> Enable

11. 960FPS Super Slow Motion & 64MP UHD Mode

Realme 3 Pro supports Super Slow Motion at 960fps and 64MP UHD Mode to capture pictures with better details. Both the features can be found in the settings of the Camera application.