RealMe 2 Pro ‘Leaked’ Unboxing Video Reveals it’s Design

Oppo’s subbrand RealMe got great audience attention for their RealMe 2 device and now the company has plans to launch RealMe 2 Pro device in the market. RealMe has already sent out the invitations to media teams. The event is scheduled for September 26 & 27 which is not so far.

Recently, we have seen the confirmed information about the internal chipset. The known Indian tech YouTuber Gaurav Chaudhary aks Technical Guruji has interviewed the RealMe CEO, Madhav Sheth where he confirms that the device will be fueled by Snapdragon 660 SoC. And now the leaked unboxing video reveals its design.

Just in case if you don’t know RealMe has already released official teaser which shows us the glimpse of its waterdrop notch design on the front instead of that big notch. And then after someone leaked this video on YouTube. Well, you can be damn sure that the video is recorded using the lower resolution camera. However, we can clearly see the design.


He is doing the unboxing of a blue color variant having glass design on the back of the phone. Indeed this is an original device as he starts it, the first text on the display comes up shows RealMe. And after that, you will be able to catch that water drop notch on the front. According to the earlier leaked information, the handset could have the RAM of 8GB and 128GB internal storage. However, we have already covered possible specifications and pricing. You can catch the RealMe 2 Pro timeline below.

RealMe 2 Pro Timeline

RealMe 2 Pro Pricing, Specifications and Launch Date