Realme 2, 2 Pro and C1 Prices will Increase After Diwali – Confirms Realme CEO

Oppo’s subbrand is conquering Indian market lately with their pricing of the device and the features company is offering. Nowadays budget smartphones have a lot to more variety of a device is available so the if the pricing is a very important factor and so is the specs.

Oppo’s CEO confirms the price hike by sending the tweet on the twitter. Although Madhav Seth didn’t mention what exactly or how much they will increase so stay tuned with us on Telegram.

You can see on the tweet, CEO is talking about the Ruppes rates are keep falling. And most of the things are imported from other countries the company gets low margin. Their team is working to get a better solution and the pricing will be increased after the Diwali.

The company will still offer better value for money product and keep launching the new products in India. You can check out the tweet below.

The Tweet clearly says that after Diwali all Realme product pricing will be increased by a small margin.  So I suggest you buy the product before Diwali.

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