Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 vs Snapdragon 845: What’s New?

Today Qualcomm announced their first ever 7nm chipset in Maui, Hawaii. The new processor follows the Kirin 980 and A12 chipsets and launches the 7nm chipset. The devices running on the SD855 will start debuting from early 2019.

A new generation SoC is definitely an improvement over the last year’s SD845 but how much? Let’s talk about it in a bit.

Qualcomm Snapdragon Flagship SoCs 2018-2019
SoC Snapdragon 855 Snapdragon 845
CPU 1x Kryo 485 Gold (A76 derivative)
@ 2.84GHz 1×512??KB pL23x Kryo 485 Gold (A76 derivative)
@ 2.42GHz 3×256??KB pL2

4x Kryo 485 Silver (A55 derivative)
@ 1.80GHz 4×128??KB pL2

4?? MB sL3

4x Kryo 385 Gold (A75 derivative)
@ 2.8GHz 4x256KB pL24x Kryo 385 Silver (A55 derivative)
@ 1.80GHz 4x128KB pL2

2MB sL3

GPU Adreno 640 @ ?MHz Adreno 630 @ 710MHz
Memory 4x 16-bit CH @ 2133MHz
34.1GB/s5MB system level cache
4x 16-bit CH @ 1866MHz
29.9GB/s3MB system level cache
ISP/Camera Dual 14-bit Spectra 380 ISP
1x 48MP or 2x 22MP
Dual 14-bit Spectra 280 ISP
1x 32MP or 2x 16MP
2160p60 10-bit H.265
HDR10, HDR10+, HLG
2160p60 10-bit H.265
Integrated Modem Snapdragon X24 LTE
(Category 20)DL = 2000Mbps
7x20MHz CA, 256-QAM, 4×4

UL = 316Mbps
3x20MHz CA, 256-QAM

Snapdragon X20 LTE
(Category 18/13)DL = 1200Mbps
5x20MHz CA, 256-QAM, 4×4

UL = 150Mbps
2x20MHz CA, 64-QAM

Mfc. Process 7nm (N7) 10nm LPP


How Fast is Snapdragon 855 Compared to Snapdragon 845?

Qualcomm said the chipset is 45% faster than the SD845 in overall performance which includes CPU performance and GPU performance.

Talking of the GPU, Qualcomm is king of that. Adreno GPU beats the Mali GPU’s by a good margin. Even the last year’s Adreno 630 beats the Mali G76. Coming back to the topic, Adreno 640 GPU is 20% faster than the Adreno 630. The company also introduces the Vulkan 1.1 feature and Gaming mode to boost the performance.

Qualcomm also included the multi-core NPU in the chipset which helps to improve the AI tasks. The new NPU is 3 times better than the last generation.

Few other features like 5G support with X50 external modem, Under Display Fingerprint tech, Better ISP, Better DAC shines the Snapdragon 855.


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