Qualcomm Sending Invitation for Snapdragon 8150 Launch w/ VR Headset for VR Experience, Here are Screenshots

Earlier we have shared an image that was showing an invitation card that Qualcomm is sending out to the media companies to attend their upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon 8150 launch event. So, it confirms the date of the launch. Now, as per the more information, the company is also sending out the more event information to experience in VR.

The Qualcomm annual summit is held in Hawaii. Welcome dinner is scheduled for December 3. And on the next day means on December 4 the actual announcements will take place. So, according to the Chinese website Bubble, the company is also sending out the Xiaomi VR headsets in the box that plays the neat video about the invitation to the event held in Hawaii. The company has planned so many things includes welcome party, the official announcement and goodbye party.

With the VR there was also a paper part which we have shared earlier in our Telegram channel that says, “Dare to be the first 5G mobile experience.” So, talking about the chipset, the new Snapdragon 8150 will adopt the new CPU design and with the two cores running on a higher frequency (roughly 2.8GHz), other two cores will run on the medium frequency and other four cores for the power efficiency. Further, it will have an Adreno 640 GPU which is 20% more efficient.


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