PUBG Turns One-Year-Old: How This Game Became So Additive (Journey)

If you’re not living under the rock, Then you must know what PUBG. It doesn’t matter if you have played it or not but must have heard it of that game somewhere. Well, That game has turned one year old today.

While the fortnite was getting attention and everyone started playing that game, Tencent launched PUBG PC last year in February. A year later everyone is talking about the game and how this game is ruling gaming world right now after 365 days.

PUBG Journey

February 2018:

Tencent announced PUBG in China, after a collaboration with PUBG Corp.

March 2018:

PUBG Mobile was released for iOS and Android device. At that time PUBG Mobile had only one map called Erangle, Voice chat and anti-cheat mechanism.

May 2018:

PUBG Mobile Emulator called – Tencent Gaming Buddy was launched for Computers.

A New desert map called Miramar was added to the PUBG Mobile game.

After coupled of days, Tencent announced that PUBG Mobile has 10 million daily active users outside of China.

June 2018:

Tencent introduced PUBG Mobile Royale Pass and a lot of outfits and skins for weapons and vehicles.

Tencent announced a mini-map called Sanhok and a new weapon for that map for PUBG Mobile.

July 2018:

PUBG Beta version goes live on the Playstore.

August 2018:

PlayerUnknown’s Battle Ground becomes the highest downloaded game on the playstore and app store.

PUBG Mobile partnered with Mission Impossible and added a new theme, music, and outfits.

PUBG Mobile Lite launched for budget devices which can’t play PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile download crosses 100 million outside of China and reaches 14 million daily active users.

September 2018:

Tencent announces India’s first ever championship tournament called – PUBG Mobile Campus Championship 2018.

PUBG Mobile hits the 20 million daily active user mark outside of China.

October 2018:

PUBG PC gets the anti-cheat system to ban cheaters.

PUBG’s new 50 vs 50 mode called Platoon Mode goes live for PUBG PC.

Tencent adds a new Diwali theme on PUBG Mobile.

December 2018:

PUBG announced a new snow map called Vikendi.

PUBG takes strong action against cheater and band 30,000 account from the system.

January 2019:

PUBG Mobile India series kicks off.

Gujarat government asks a primary school to put a band on students for playing PUBG as it adversely affects studies.

11 Year Old demands the ban on PUBG by sending a later to the Maharashtra Government.

February 2019:

Indian prime minister talks about the game by saying – “Ye PUBG vala h kya” to a teen mother.

PUBG Lite for PCs announced. Available in Thailand as of now but you can play by following this method.