PUBG Mobile: Tips to Get Chicken Dinner in Zombie Mode

Pubg Mobile finally released Zombie Mode today and I really liked the concept of the new mode. Well, This mode is temporary and will be removed in next update so play as much as you want for a month. If you think this mode is hard to play then I have got some tips for you to get Chicken dinner in the Zombie mode.

Tips to Get Chicken Dinner in Zombie Mode:

  • Pickup Combat Knife if you can find: Use it against small zombie in the day time. It will not reveal your position and will also help you to save some bullets.
  • Guns you should use: I recommended using AKM or M416 with S12K Shotgun. Shotgun will kill small zombies in one shot and big zombies in two-three shots and Assult rifle will be useful once the zombies are gone and you have to fight players. Pick up as many bullets as you can.
  • If you find Flamethrower then pick it up without thinking for a second. It’s really good but make sure you have enough gas. Keep the gas collecting in the match.
  • Use Booster before the night starts it will definitely help you to keep your health good.
  • Loot as much as you can in the day time and take a position in a room with your squad in the night time.
  • Always stick together: You can never win if anyone of you doesn’t cooperate. Just make sure all four guys need to take a position in a room at night time.
  • Landing Position: Compound near a school is really good. There are a bunch of building you can get loot from and can also take your position in night time as buildings are big. Keep in mind you have to fight real players. (You can land at any place tho) (If you don’t want to fight then land near the river)
  • Use Zombie Grenades when you think you can’t fight them all: Zombie grenades are life savior and will be very useful on the second night so don’t use at the first night.
  • Always Pickup Extended Quickdraw for both the guns. It will be very useful while fighting zombies.
  • Land Near River: Zombies can’t come inside the river so you can hold there for a while when a group of zombies attacking you and you can’t defend.
  • Use Vehicle and keep moving around in night time: Vehicles have very less fuel so don’t boost it and keep moving in a night time so zombies won’t chase you.

If you have any more useful tips that help to get the chicken dinner then feel free to share that in comments below. Make sure to follow us on Telegram and Facebook for future updates.