PUBG Mobile Season 5 Kicks Off Today!

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PUBG Mobile Season 5 is already live and it brings a lot of challenges, skins for guns, new outfits, and a new weapon. You can buy the season pass to get all the new skins and outfits. While the free users are limited to get new things.

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New Outfits and New Weapon Skins

  • adventure set
  • dragon hunter SLR
  • Street Art DP 28
  • Street art buggy
  • Dragon hunter dracia
  • Street art ump9
  • Roaring dragon set
  • Street art mini 14
  • Dragon hunter set
  • Sky ranger set
  • Sanguine backpack
  • Deadly agent
  • Roaring dragon mask

New Weapon

The brand new weapon MK47 is introduced in this new update. Along with that, there is a new attachment called laser sight. Much like in other shooters, it reduces spread while hip firing.

There was a rumor that zombie mode might come but as of now, there is no zombie mode or a new map. Maybe they will launch the zombie mode in the next big update.

The update is in the game so you don’t need to update it manually from the playstore. The new update is around 148MB so make sure you have enough data plans.


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