PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 Announced with Price Worth $2 Million USD

PUBG Mobile announced another tournament in which players from 8 regions will take part and price worth $2 million will be distributed. If you think you and your team is good enough then you can also win a slice of the prize pool.

Indian PUBG Tournament will end on March 10 and PUBG has another tournament in the row to announce. But in PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019, Players from 8 regions will participate for the prize pool worth $2 million.

If you want to register for the PMCO 2019, here are some rules and requirements:

  • All players must be 16 years and above as of the tournament start date to participate
  • All players under the local legal age of majority must have parental consent to participate
  • Age restriction and rules will be applied per legal age regulation in each region
  • At least three players from each team must be from the region they are competing to represent
  • All participating players must be at least the rank of Platinum at the end of the prior season

The registration will be open from March 8 to March 18. So if you’re interested and want to participate then register on the official website.

Registration Link