‘PUBG Lookup’ Let’s You Take a Detailed Look on Your States

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground was launched earlier this year. And within a couple of months, it became popular battle royale game among all smartphone and PC users. And recently, the game was made available for PS4 users.

If you are playing this game on PC, Xbox or Sony’s PlayStation, then you can view your detailed states using the PUBG Lookup. Well, the service is not yet available for the Android and iOS users. But, it could be available soon. Although, the states are available in the game. But, the developer has launched a new platform to take a detailed look.

So, if you want to check out your PUBG account states, you can simply jump on their official PUBG Lookup website. Once you are there, you can sign up using your account or to check out temporary states, you can enter your PUBG username and find out your states.

As per mentioned on their official website, you can find out the following details under your states:

  • Current Season PUBG Statistics
  • Your Recent PUBG Matches
  • Lifetime PUBG XBOX Stats
  • Recent Weapon Stats
  • Sharable Player Match Reports
  • Recent Matches Overview

The overview will show you the number of wins, kills, times reaching top 10, total matches, rating, and more. The Survival page shows your revives, heals, boosts, travel stats, and both the longest and total time survived for the current season. In Recent match statics, you can take a look at the map, game mode, kills and your rank. Now only that, if you want to export these all data and save it to your device, the website allows to enter email id and send all the records on your device in form of CSV file.


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