Pixel 4 Ditching Power and Volume Keys with ‘Ugly’ Notch

Google could be working on the upcoming Pixel device. Yes, it should be Pixel 4. Although, we are not interested in the name right now. Because rumor mill has already started churning out some information regarding the next Google’s flagship. And looks like the device might turn out amazing.

So, as shared by a YouTube Jon Prosser from the Front Page Tech, Google’s Pixel 4 will ditch the physical buttons includes power and volume key. Well, a source shared these details with him. That means the information is still unconfirmed. The success of Pixel 3 will undergo massive changes. Of course, the removal of that ugly notch as well.

Instead of the physical buttons on the phone, Pixel 4 will reportedly have capacitive touch areas on sides in the aluminum frame. Now, Jon has no information on why Google is ditching the physical buttons in Pixel 4. However, as he shared Google has something to do with the squeezable frame.

Google introduced this feature in the Pixel 2 device. With the squeezable frame, the user can trigger Google assistant. In Pixel 4 Google has might introduce some further application of the aluminum squeezable frame. So, a feature right now which is called active edge might open the further doors to perform different tasks.

Congrats! Pixel fanboys, the notch is finally going from Pixel 4. Instead of the notch in Pixel 4, it will have punch-hole over the right side upper corner. Yes, you can take Galaxy S10 Plus for an example. A dual camera setup with the one wide-angle lens on the front side in the punch-hole.

And no doubt, if you Pixel fan, then you should obviously have taken a look at the Pixel 4 renders which shows the same. Including further a bit of information, Jon suggests, Google Pixel 4 will not have a physical fingerprint sensor on the rear side of the phone. So, that means, Google has moved for the under-display fingerprint sensor. However, yet to say hard, it will be an optical one or ultrasonic.