How to Use Picture in Picture Mode in Google Chrome that Can Float on Any Window – 2019

Google Chrome allows using the picture in picture mode for videos you watch. So, in this post, I will be showing you, how you can enable it right now.

Picture in picture mode is a feature which allows you to watch online videos in a resizeable and small floating window. The picture in picture mode feature started being famous when it was first introduced on Android and iOS operating systems.

Well, there are tons of different spots to watch videos online. However, YouTube is arguably the first place, we all visit almost every day. Now YouTube website has a picture in picture mode feature. But, it is restricted to the only YouTube tab in Google Chrome browser. If you will switch between tabs, you will not be able to watch the video.

About Picture in Picture Mode

Google Chome’s picture in picture mode feature is not yet available by default. It is in an experimental stage, right now. And, luckily, you can enable this feature on Google Chrome running on Windows, Mac or Linux. So, no matter any operating system is installed on your machine, it would work.

So, when you will enable the feature, it allows to watch video on any window you will open on your computer. The video floating window will appear in the small resizeable box that you can move anywhere on your computer screen and resize it.

Well, from my personal experience, the feature is still passing through the development phase. So, it won’t support all websites which offer video content. Since YouTube is arguably the best video hub nowadays, we will consider it in this post.

We will go through proper defined steps on how to enable picture in picture mode in Google Chrome and then how you can watch YouTube videos in the PiP window.

How to Enable Picture in Picture Mode in Google Chrome

Google allows chrome users to try out different experimental features if they want to. And they call it ‘flags’. Since the picture in picture mode is also one of their experimental features, you will have to enable it manually. In technical term, you will have to enable flags.

As I have mentioned earlier, the feature works on every platform including Windows, Mac, and Linux. So, you can pick up the same route and enable PiP mode feature in Google Chrome.

The first, head over to the following address. You will get a text highlighted in yellow color. Simply, change the setting from ‘Default’ to ‘Enabled’.


Now, second, go on the following address and do the same. Change the setting from ‘Default’ to ‘Enabled’.


When you will enable it, you will see a big ‘blue button that says to relaunch‘ the Google Chrome, so, please click on it. There is nothing to worry about, it won’t close the tabs.

Now, that you have enabled, two mentioned flags, you should get the following listing with the ‘Enabled’ sitting next to their name.

How to Watch YouTube Videos Using Picture in Picture Mode Feature

Now, YouTube has its own picture in picture mode feature. But, the feature only allows you to watch video while surfing on YouTube website. If you will switch to another tab in Google Chrome or open any window on your computer, the video can’t be watched on screen.

Google Chrome feature will allow you to watch videos in a resizeable small window that you can place anywhere on the screen and watch the video.

To enable it, simply go on any YouTube video (I have attached one below if you are feeling lazy) and do double right-click anywhere on the video. You will see ‘Picture-in-Picture Mode feature there. When you will click on it, the video will pop-up in a small floating window.

You can resize it and keep it anywhere on your computer screen. Further, you can watch it over any window you want while doing another work. Also, you can pose the video at the same time and play through the pop-up window.

However, there is only one major drawback. The floating window doesn’t show the progress bar. So, you won’t be able to skip the video at anytime you want.

Points to Remember

  • PiP mode cannot play more than one video in a floating window.
  • If you will close the main video tab then floating window will be closed.
  • If you will play video from playlist then the next video will start playing automatically.
  • You cannot skip the video. There is no progress bar.

My Thoughts

Picture in picture mode in Google Chrome is a very handy way to watch videos while doing another work. I wish, it will support further websites like Netflix or Amazon Prime videos, I can even watch a bit of show while doing work.


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