Oppo’s New Patent Shows In-screen Camera Tech

2018 was all for the notched phones. Smartphone manufacturers keep moving with the smaller notch as possible. And already brands like Vivo and Oppo has already started providing a sliding mechanism to hide the front camera and offer larger playing area. And it looks, in 2019 it will gain more speed through the whole year. A new patent recently popped up on web shows, Oppo has found the better place to house front camera.

Instead of giving the sliding mechanism or pop-up camera, the company has just patented technology to place the camera under the display and put the camera icon it to hide. Let’s make it simple to understand. If you have seen the Galaxy A8s with the camera hole, the Oppo is working with the same design of smartphone having camera hole on the front. But, the camera hole will be a part of the icon. Oppo is moving in completely different direction.

Now, moving eyes over the patents, the selfie camera will be either in the upper left corner or it can be slightly towards the center. Although, it depends on the company how it manages to hide with the icons. In the image, you can see there are several icons on the top. But, the camera icon will not move just like the others. It will stay on its place where it should be to hide the camera hole. Surprisingly, the other icons will move if the user will swipe left or right.

I know you might think, it will consume space on the top. But, you don’t have to worry about that. Oppo also has a solution to that by providing the feature turn on/off toggle on settings. This is a quite an interesting idea I have ever seen. Right now, there is no camera information revealed. So, we are on the dark side.