Here is Batch-wise Devices Getting ColorOS 6 Update in China

Back in November 2018, Oppo released their first Beta build of ColorOS 6 and since then, Oppo has been continuously testing ColorOS 6 on R15 series. Today, the company made a batchwise list official that might give you an idea about when ColorOS 6 is approaching on your Oppo device.

It obvious the company will give the first chance to their latest handset. And with that said, the upcoming Oppo Reno series will be the first to get the latest stable ColorOS 6 update. Although, not exactly OTA update. The devices will be launched with the ColorOS 6 pre-installed. And after that other Oppo devices will be able to get the ColorOS 6 update. So, check the table attached below. That will give you an idea.

However, do make sure for other devices the update will be released after April 10. Unfortunately, the company hasn’t released the date for batches. So, it still remains unknown on which date you will get an update.

Batch 1
By the end of April
R15 Dream Edition
Batch 2
By the end of August
Find X
R17 Pro
Batch 3
By the end of September
R11s Plus
R11 Plus

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Oppo’s Vice President kicked off some information about its screen-to-body ratio and design. So, Oppo’s next flagship device will sport Samsung’s next-generation AMOLED dubbed as Dynamix AMOLED display. And it will sport a massive 93.1% screen-to-body ratio. There will be no notches, holes or any cutouts on the body.