Breeno: Might Be Useful Assitant from Oppo

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Arguably, voice assistants are now way more intelligent with the improved tech. And one of the fantastic examples is, of course, the Google Assistant. After Google announced two mind-blowing features of assistant which are Google Duplex and Screen Call, people are started using assistance on daily basis. Thanks to artificial intelligence. Now, almost every smartphone manufacturer moving towards introducing their own homemade assistant in their smartphone with their custom UI. Just like the Samsung did before, just like the Xiaomi did before. And now, Oppo doing the same.

Breeno, “Here’s Everything About this Airport, Whom You Can Call, Flight Details, and Boarding Gates”

Termed as Breeno, Oppo has introduced its new intelligent voice assistant today at Developer Conference. The company’s vice president Wu Heng and president of Software Engineering Division has shown all things which Breeno can perform. Hopefully, the event went quite as expected and Breeno worked same. But, who knows its future when it is in other user’s hands!?

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So, walking through as company has explained, Breeno is an intelligent assistant which is directed for decision making and learning. Just like a Google Assistant user will be able to ask Breeno any mathematical or geography related question. Breeno will answer. So, let’s put simple, Breen’s philosophy is to create, open and share. So, Oppo believes that Breeno will also make it space in the universal ecological hub of IoT (Internet of Things).

To make Breeno intelligent the company has installed 7 modules through which it can think and answer. Those are advice, screen recognition, awareness, speed, voice, driving, space. Further, it can also show suggestions which Google doesn’t show ‘automatically’. For example, if you are on the airport, Breeno will show you boarding gate information, whom you can call on emergencies, and also flight information. It will track your location and will show this information automatically.

Wu Heng, “Breeno will also be the open platform for OPPO’s AI capabilities and there are plans for Breeno to become multi-brand and multi-terminal.


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