OnePlus Wants Your Help to Design OxygenOS; Winners Might Get OnePlus 7

OnePlus is the brand who listens to their customer (except the headphone jack decision for OnePlus 6T) and once again company has proved that by announcing a new competition. OnePlus need your help to improve the OxygenOS and you can help them by giving a new feature idea or what should they add in the next version of OxygenOS.

OnePlus announced a new competition for their users called Product Manager Challenge. You need to send your ideas to improve OxygenOS to OnePlus. However, You need to explain why this feature is useful, who are the users and a bunch of other questions to participate. You can’t just talk about the feature in the thread.

Furthermore, You need to give a detailed view on how you want that feature to be implemented and what’s logic behind it. You have to show the sketches and/or prototype of the feature. You can check out the sample picture below.

How to Participate?

If you have any feature in your mind then you can participate in this contest by submitting product requirement documents here. You have to submit the entry before the last date which is February 22. You need to answer the following question in PRD to be considered as a participant.

  • Who are the users?
  • What is the proposed function?
  • What is the user value?
  • If there are existing comparable functions in the smartphone industry, how is your proposed feature superior?

Contest Price:

OnePlus will review all the entries after February 22 and finalize the entry before a mid march. The software team will start working on the feature immediately. Once the feature is ready, Winner will get upcoming OnePlus Device (Probably OnePlus 7) and a trip to the nearest OnePlus launch event.


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