OnePlus to Show Off 5G Prototype Smartphone at MWC 2019

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Earlier at Qualcomm event, OnePlus announced that they will be launching their first 5G Smartphone in the first half of 2019 and it seems like the time has come. The OnePlus 5G smartphone will be a separate series.

As per the report, OnePlus will showcase the prototype of a 5G OnePlus device. There isn’t any information if the company has planned to sell the device in the market or not. The earlier report suggested that the OnePlus 5G device will cost $200 more than the normal OnePlus device.

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OnePlus also sends out invites to the media which says, Reimagine the future with OnePlus.

What We Can Expect From OnePlus

  • It will have Snapdragon 855 chipset and X50 5G Modem inside the device.
  • The OnePlus 5G variant will be the most expensive OnePlus device. (Probably $200 – $300 more)
  • OnePlus plans to release at least in U.K by May 2019.
  • The back could have a round backplate similar to the Moto series.

We don’t have much information about this device just yet. So make sure to follow us on Facebook and Telegram.

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