OnePlus to Launch a New Lineup Next Year Includes Three New OnePlus Devices

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Right now, it is logical to expect the OnePlus 7 device next year. Earlier in the previous month, the company has officially unveiled that a new 5G OnePlus device will take its place in the market in 2019. But… but… hold your breath, because it will not be the OnePlus 7 lineup. Recently, the company has done the talk with CNET Spain where OnePlus spokesperson has officially said that the company’s plans are bit different. OnePlus would launch a new lineup having 5G support.

One thing is for sure, the OnePlus wants to keep upcoming OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7T phone in the future. These both will be their main devices. Likewise, they could launch a new lineup containing some more specifications or especially the 5G support. And you might see the glimpse at upcoming Mobile World Congress 2019 at Barcelona, Spain.

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Well, as per report the CNET Spain, the company has also not shared any information about its upcoming OnePlus 7 nor of OnePlus 7T. But, looking upon their past devices, yes, you can expect these both devices in the future. So, this leads us to think about the three new devices that OnePlus could launch in 2019, not just two as the company does for three years.

It is obvious you think about the pricing. And let me say, with the OnePlus 6T the company has made a significant rise in the price tag. But also, on another hand, the OnePlus has announced a flat $300 discount in partnership with T-Mobile. Of course, this gonna be the OnePlus’s first 5G premium flagship phone. So, it will get a higher price tag. Wait for the rumor mill to dig in.


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