OnePlus teases More of the OnePlus 6 Gradient Colors that We Will Never Get

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OnePlus has some more color options for its OnePlus 6 device which the company had never talked about nor the company has plans to make them available in the market. For the first, I just have to ‘WOW’. Man! the custom-made back panels for OnePlus 6 is looking so much beautiful. And keep in mind these all are made by the company itself in their headquarters.

A well-known YouTuber Arun Maini as known as Mrwhosetheboss got a chance to walk into OnePlus Chinese headquarters before the OnePlus 6T launched. He is the first YouTube who got the first preview of 6T. After then the device was launched on Monday, October 29, 2018. Yes, he made a complete video of his visit to HQ. However, there was something to keep confidential which he has not revealed. But, in the video, he showed the whole OnePlus world.

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For outside the Headquarters, the OnePlus is only limited to the smartphones. But as you enter into the OnePlus headquarters, there are so bunch of difference recycled things that OnePlus manufacturers include, t-shirts, backpacks, wallets, cans, etc.

Arun Maini has shown different OnePlus 6 finishes that never has been sold by the OnePlus in the market and never will be. As he said in his video, the company was not giving him a permission to take all of those back panels outside but he managed to take some of his favorite and take a shot. Look at the images I have attached below.

If you ask me, I am personally a fan of that red and black gradient back panel. Seriously, it looks like a darling. Also, this black colored back with the purple gradient also looks amazing. Just see it!


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