OnePlus Shares Why its Camera Can’t Catch the Peak

OnePlus now has good impressions in the market. With a The company is now dominating the 2% market share in the ‘Premium Smartphone’ category according to the recent research from Counterpoint. With few of the handsets, the company has managed to achieve their goal of becoming successful smartphone brand.

OnePlus smartphones are known for their performance, charging speed and operating system. Although, the camera system still lacks improvement. The pictures coming out of OnePlus handset is now a thing for people to criticize every time. That’s why the company has decided to rectify itself by putting the triple camera setup on the new OnePlus 7 Pro handset.

It is completely understandable seeing that the phone got the 111 score for its camera from reputed company DxOMark. The top position (as of August 06) held by Huawei P30 Pro with 112 score. But, when users got their hand on this phone they noticed that the performance of the camera doesn’t match with the DxOMark test samples. This sparked a lot of question from all around the OnePlus community.

In-camera review, DxOMark said the firmware installed on their test unit is currently not available for the consumers. Users were thinking the handset they are using is being served with the bogus camera experience. However, later OnePlus said that it is shipping device with the same firmware as in DxOMark test unit.

OnePlus Seems in Learning Phase

OnePlus’s product manager, Zack Zhang said that customers expected the different result when they started shipping with the same firmware as it was installed on the DxOMark’s unit. Since, as we can see, the device fails to capture the real-life images with accurate colors, it is citing more question in the OnePlus community.

When people started getting the device, software which gave us really good grades didn’t match their expectations. The photo needs to be natural and good in theory, but visually appealing as well. We didn’t do a good job at balancing those two aspects. — Zhang said.

OnePlus Product Manager Zack Zhang

OnePlus’s camera is being served with better software tweaks. The company gathers the feedback from the OnePlus community and turns its algorithm accordingly to serve the batter user experience. Looking upon history, OnePlus’s device camera are changed constantly to improve the performance. With OnePlus 7 Pro, they decided to go for a triple camera system.

However, over the front, OnePlus still sticks with the 16MP sensor without making a major upgrade from the past couple of models. However, the company has made some tweaks in the software but they are not quite visible.

Zack Zhang also explained this strategic approach. When OnePlus launched OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T, the company was too young and they were the first handsets to have a dual-camera system. OnePlus was actually in an experimental process to see where the trend is going and where they should go.

Currently, the selfie camera is becoming important hardware of smartphones. And OnePlus must bring the eye-catching features to its software for a selfie camera.

OnePlus Camera Future

Upon the future of OnePlus photography, of course, the company wants its device to capture real-life images with natural lighting. In the future, the consumers will be able to capture images with true color rather than dull images.

OnePlus Image Testing Lab

OnePlus invited Android Authority to the OnePlus lab where the prototype camera gets tested on the different firmware to check and note down improvements.

Images clicked with the OnePlus handsets are better known for overexposing backgrounds. Android Authority during performing the test found, OnePlus devices are indeed falling down in-camera image clarity. If you have ever seen image samples from the Google Pixel devices you might know the software and optimization makes the biggest impact on image quality.

It remains to see the performance of the next OnePlus device. Currently, all the eyes are OnePlus to improve image quality and camera performance.


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From an interview with TheNextWeb.