OnePlus Can Afford Robert Downey Jr. for Ads, but the Company Can’t Afford Waterproof Certification

Avengers: End Game breaking records of the box office this year. We know how Robert Downy Jr. aka Tony Stark paying his life to save the earth. Now, he is back to his original life and signed a contract with OnePlus for its marketing ads of products. Well, according to the one Chinese source, the company has the intention to use the famous actor to promote their products especially in its home country – China and India.

Today, Robert Downey Jr. shared his image on his Weibo account with a new OnePlus 7 Pro standing near the McLaren car in suits and sneakers. Now, this is the first image for the OnePlus 7 Pro ad, you can say. OnePlus – the company always shares good about their products. As far as I have noticed, the company every time does commitment to give its users high-end possible specifications on affordable price. So, OP 7 Pro does!

However, the device is not an IP rating certified. That means it cannot live if it will dive into the water. OnePlus 7 Pro costs a considerably a little bit higher. Although with the new specifications it is quite we can say the price is acceptable. But, now, it seems everyone judging the OnePlus brand for recruiting one of the most expensive Hollywood actors for ads.

Now, past records of Robert Downey Jr. shows that he had also worked with the HTC six year ago and the company paid $12 Million for two years of global marketing of HTC products. Let us know what do you think about this in comments below.