OnePlus Accused of Removing Negative Reviews from Official Online Store

OnePlus smartphones are now in the category of premium phones. While the company is providing such amazing smartphones, the feedback is also necessary in order to enhance the quality furthermore. But it seems some of the OnePlus customers are not happy. The review procedure on the OnePlus official online store is being questioned by the product users on Reddit.

Since the one, the OnePlus user has shared his experience on Reddit. The person has purchased the OnePlus 6T tempered glass screen protector and he had a bad experience. As a feedback, he shared his review under the company’s tempered glass screen protector page. On another day, he found that the comment was removed. Not only his, but there were also other reviews as well having the similar bad experience were removed from the online store.

Image Courtesy: reddit/u/ftblwolf

The incident leads us to think that the company is removing all of those reviews which reflects the negative experiences and hurts the company’s image. The company keeps only positive comments which help to promote their product. OnePlus is associated with high-quality products. The company always asks their loyal community members on their forums and on other social networks especially on Reddit through AMA sessions. So, that they can enhance their product quality and provide more innovative things. While removing such kind of negative comments is misleading.

The Android Headlines has dug into the problem. After looking upon the OnePlus 6T product page, they found only 220 reviews listed on it. But the most surprising is, there are no reviews having one or two stars. There is a single three-star review, ten four-star review and remaining 200+ are five-star reviews.


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