OnePlus 7 will have Redesigned User-adjustable Vibration Motor

OnePlus 7 lineups to be officially unveiled on May 14. Let put the OnePlus 7 aside particularly for this article. OnePlus 7 Pro is the device shaping up to be a killer smartphone of 2019 with new internals, design and especially that new display. We know entire specifications and eventually, they gonna be official on May 14.

But, the one thing OnePlus fans complaining about is the vibration motor that the company has installed on the OnePlus devices. The haptic feedback is too low that user complaining about missing notifications or alerts because of the weak vibration. OnePlus 7 Pro will have a newly redesigned vibration motor and this is officially confirmed by CEO Pete Lau.

In a recent talk with CNET, CEO Pete Lau confirmed that vibration motor in OnePlus 7 Pro is 200% more powerful than before. And engineers have made it deliver an “excellent” user experience. Mr. Lau also confirms that these changes in new OnePlus 7 Pro have been applied because of the user requests.

The new vibration motor in OnePlus 7 Pro chassis will cost more space. And while designing it was a challenge for engineers to fit in the device.

“Our team had to rethink the internal design of the OnePlus 7 Pro, to fit inside the body without increasing the thickness of the device, which could lead to a less ergonomic feel. At the same time, we had to ensure that the haptic motor was in the right position so that the haptics would be strong, yet even across the device.” – CEO Pete Lau.

Vibration motor has now the strongest power. The motor is now completely redesigned and it is linked with the software as well. OnePlus 7 Pro user will have options to set the haptic feedback intensity to ‘light’, ‘medium’, ‘strong’. OnePlus fans now should be feeling much satisfied with this new change.

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