OnePlus 7 Pro will be Fastest Android Device: Here is Why!

Countable days left for the OnePlus 7 series launch and I’m super excited for the launch of this phone. As a flagship killer title, OnePlus launched OnePlus One a few years ago and the company is leaving that title behind to provide more and more features to the customers at the comparatively lesser price.

OnePlus will launch two new devices at the event on May 14, 2019. OnePlus 7 will be the successor of OnePlus 6T while OnePlus 7 Pro will serve the different price point for better features offering.

Both OnePlus 7 Series device will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC but that doesn’t make the OnePlus 7 Pro the fastest Android device. What makes it the fastest Android device is its storage. OnePlus 7 Pro could be the first device to be available for customer with UFS 3.0 storage. Well, Technically Samsung Galaxy Fold was the first device announced with UFS 3.0 but it’s not available for the customer to buy yet.

UFS 3.0 is almost 2 times faster than UFS 2.1 in terms of Sequential Read Speed and 1.5 times faster than UFS 2.1 in terms of Sequential Write Speed. Faster storage can make a big difference in performance.

Also, The speed is not only aligned to internal parts but you can also feel the speed as it has a better display. OnePlus 7 Pro gets 90hz Fluid AMOLED panel which gives more satisfaction to use the device. It will also improve your gaming performance with the fluid AMOLED display and a fast processor.