OnePlus 7 Pro’s DxOMark Score is Based Upon Unreleased Software: So What Happened Internally?

When do I say OnePlus 7 Pro is the one budget beast you can get right now, what strikes first in your mind? Did you become hyped or you are already thinking to grab one?

I admit, OnePlus 7 Pro completes its first successful month in the market. The company is now dominating the 2% market share in the ‘Premium Smartphone’ category according to the recent research from Counterpoint. The phone is praised by everyone and loved by each customer. Because it offers best-in-price internals.

Courtesy: Android Authority | Shows OnePlus 7 Pro Performing Lab Test

Let’s keep further internals aside except the camera system. FYI, OnePlus 7 Pro houses triple camera setup contains, 48MP (Sony IMX586) featuring an f/1.7 aperture, 16MP ultra-wide sensor featuring f/2.2 aperture, and 8MP telephoto lens featuring f/2.4 aperture. But, there is still no users’ satisfaction. The camera said to be overhyped.

What Happened With the OnePlus 7 Pro DxOMark Score?

A known Android core news website, Android Authority has been invited to the OnePlus lab where the prototype camera gets tested on the different firmware to check and note down improvements. The OnePlus total has 67 employees to work on imaging enhancements.

Well, OnePlus 7 Pro currently falls on fourth place (as of June 22) in DxOMark‘s highest-rated camera quality. But as it turns out the OnePlus had a deal for a highest DxOMark score internally. This is proved because the images came out from the retail OnePlus 7 Pro unit were not matching up with the expectations.

So, the truth is OnePlus 7 Pro DxOMark lab test has been done the beta firmware rather than the stable one which retail unit comes with. OnePlus has just today released a new beta firmware 9.5.7. While the DxOMark lab test has been already done on this firmware. OnePlus revealed the company’s camera-testing lab has become operation just two months back. So, it didn’t give OnePlus to run the entire sequences of the test. As a result, the company ran out of time to get updated firmware ready while the initial launch.

Courtesy: Android Authority | Shows OnePlus 7 Pro Performing Lab Test

Images clicked with the OnePlus handsets are better known for overexposing backgrounds. Android Authority during performing the test found, OnePlus devices are indeed falling down in-camera image clarity. If you have ever seen image samples from the Google Pixel devices you might know the software and optimization makes the biggest impact on image quality.

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