How to Force OnePlus 7 Pro Display to Support Every App at 90Hz Refresh Rate

OnePlus 7 Pro is now the fastest selling flagship smartphone everywhere. It is praised by every tech geek on the internet and loved by each customer. So, OnePlus 7 Pro offers mighty Snapdragon 855 processor under the hood with the UFS 3.0 storage system. And that’s why it wouldn’t make you disappointed in terms of speed.

Here’s How to Do It

There is another one aspect we crowned OnePlus 7 Pro – it’s 90Hz display. And it is the best display in the market. I will not say ‘ever’. Anyways, you can choose the refresh rate of the display manually. OxygenOS offers dedicated setting to choose between 90Hz and 60Hz refresh rate.

However, you might know, I guess. Even if you have selected 90Hz refresh rate in the settings, the screen will pick 60Hz refresh rate if you are watching videos, using camera app and during phone calls. As discovered by Redditors that not every browsing app supports the 90Hz display. Like Samsung Internet. When you will open the app, the screen picks 60Hz refresh rate. While Google Chrome is whitelisted. So, display switched to 90Hz.

You can force your OnePlus 7 Pro device to use the 90Hz display in all apps which are not even supported. You can do simply using an ADB command. So, I have mentioned the command below. You simply have to go to ADB command prompt to apply it.

adb shell settings put global oneplus_screen_refresh_rate 0

Things to Note

  • After applying command, you will see in the Refresh Rate Settings, both the toggles will be unchecked.
  • The summary text below will show you ’60Hz’. But, its a bug. So, don’t worry.
  • To revert back, just change the toggle settings manually. It will make value 1.


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