OnePlus 6T Launch is Rescheduled in Order to Avoid Colliding w/ Apple Event

Who is not excited for the OnePlus 6T launch event? I know most of you are thinking that on the same day there is an Apple event and it might ruin the OnePlus 6T launch. And it seems like OnePlus CEO Pete Lau was also thinking the same and the company has now rescheduled the OnePlus 6T launch event in order to avoid colliding with Apple’s event set for October 30.

The OnePlus 6T launch has been rescheduled on October 29th at the same location. The tie is 11 AM ET time. Yesterday, Apple started sending out invitations to the media for their new iPad and Mac launch event. And people were often talking on different social media platforms that Apple might ruin the OnePlus 6T launch event. According to the company’s statement, around 1,000 confirmed attendees will be at the venue.

The company is now busy in sending out the rescheduling information to all the attendees to let them know about the new date. Further, as per mentioned by the Verge, the company is also offering to cover the travel expenses if they need to change their flight bookings. Not only that, but the company is also offering the full refunds to the ticket buyer who is not able to attend the event.

Well, until now we have covered almost all leaked, rumored as well as officially teased information of the OnePlus device. Take a look at our story timeline.

OnePlus 6T Story Timeline


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