OnePlus 6 Dual Camera Takes on iPhone X, Galaxy S9 & Pixel 2

A recent tweet from OnePlus puts me in a shock. There is no proof yet, but if this is true this phone will be incredible. OnePlus is making hype by doing some experiments of OnePlus 6 and comparing it with other smartphones.

Recently OnePlus Tweeted that “The Dual Camera takes on the iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9, and Google Pixel 2. Can you match the shot to the phone?”

OnePlus is running a contest on their website where people can vote for the pictures which are taken on iPhone X, Pixel 2, Galaxy S9 and of course OnePlus 6. This is a blind test so no one knows which picture is taken from which phone camera.

If you have missed it you can visit a website and vote yourself.

OnePlus Blind Test

This is a contest so you can win stuff by voting and by inviting your friends. If you vote, you get 5 coupons and if you are lucky enough you can win some goodies (I wasn’t lucky though) And the 3 people who invite most they will win OnePlus 6.

So, Talking about the camera sample. OnePlus chose 4 categories: Architecture, Lowlight, Lowlight portrait & Portrait. We believe OnePlus will announce the result soon with some proof.

Also, OnePlus 6 is the first phone to shoot the cover photo of the Vogue. Let us know your opinions in comments below.