OnePlus 6 Display Comes w/ ‘PenTile Diamond Pixel’ Array: Everything You Should Know

OnePlus 6 was the most anticipated smartphone launched this year. It offers high-tech CPU inside small box for the great price. But, as we have seen the company selling this device with a slightly higher price tag. So, on other side users also expect higher result compared to previous once. Okay, forget about other internals just for this article and let’s focus on the device display.

The OnePlus 6 comes with the very sweet looking 6.28-inch Optic AMOLED display with the resolution of 2280 x 1080 pixels with PenTile Diamond Pixel Array. However, the display is not the company’s in-home production. It is made and delivered by Samsung. The device display has the pixel density of 402 PPI. And just for general knowledge, the 402 PPI was the company’s first move after 401 PPI comes in OnePlus 3 device. The term which is important here for us is “PenTile Diamond Pixel Array”.

PenTile Diamond Pixel

First PenTile Diamond Pixel display was used by Samsung in their Galaxy S4 device, contains twice Green colored pixels than Blue and Red ones which are located in Diamond shape and larger than Green pixels.

Image: OLED Info

The PenTile Diamond Pixel design provides the more smoothness in the picture by generating a diamond of Green, Red and Blue colored pixels. Thus, the more colored diamonds, more smoothness in the picture. In order to achieve the highest Pixels-per-inch in the display, the different diamond shapes are chosen. So, mathematically in the  PenTile subpixel layout, the number of total subpixels are fewer compared to the LCD displays.

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Well, the mobile manufacturers also keep their eye on advantages. And of course, such displays also have one main advantage. That’s its lifespan. The displays are last longer and this is the main reason why most of the smartphone manufacturers especially Samsung, Apple and now OnePlus providing displays with PenTile Diamon Pixel design.

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