OnePlus 6 Codenamed ‘Enchilada’ Will Have Notch: Reports

Recently OnePlus released the new OxygenOS Beta 4 update for their OnePlus 5T. In this new firmware file, it is found that it contains some interesting information about their upcoming OnePlus 6 device. However, the name is not yet confirmed, even the whole device is yet to become official. Although its in-hand images already surface online earlier this month.

The new OxygenOS Open Beta 4 firmware files somehow show the evidence of the notch which might be getting its place on the upcoming phone. Well, some members of XDA Developers were knowing about this firmware files and they managed to update OnePlus 5T to Open Beta 4 firmware in order to get into these all details. Surprisingly, they found the new codename “Enchilada” in Settings APK file of this new OxygenOS Beta version. OnePlus older devices OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T were codenamed as a cheeseburger and dumpling, respectively and XDA Developer found this new codename with these both.

Furthermore, they decided to take a deeper look on those firmware files where there was an image showing the notch design. They have also shared the name of that file: screendecor_up_img_enchilada_1. The image shows the notch same like iPhone X but smaller in size. XDA Developers tries to share their idea using the following notch image.

Image Courtesy: XDA Developers

Earlier revealed specification suggests it will have Snapdragon 845 SoC and 19:9 display. Meanwhile, XDA Developers has added more. As per they claim OnePlus 6 Cat. 16 Gigabit LTE connectivity having the X20 LTE modem. This modem supports up to the 1.2Gbps of download speed and 150 Mbps of upload speed.

Well, the rumors and leaks are continuously taking making their place on the internet. But there is still not any kind of component information that can confirm device. Nevertheless, the codename giving us hint that it should be the upcoming OnePlus device and that should be named as OnePlus 6.