OnePlus 6 Can Beat Apple & Google With These Features

OnePlus is all set to launch OnePlus 6 on 16th May 2018 in London. We have seen all the information about this device like price, design, specification and live images. This device is most hyped phone of 2018 because it’s flagship killer. It went through some controversies of Notch but still, people are excited to see this device. OnePlus Always won in speed with any other smartphone, Thanks to the 8GB of RAM. While considering it’s price range can this device beat Flagships like Google or Apple?

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So what are the Features that OnePlus have it Better?

#1. Headphone Jack

Most of the smartphone companies are running to kill headphone jack but OnePlus listened to their fans. OnePlus 6 will have a headphone jack and that makes it better than any other device which lacks headphone jack. A headphone jack is a big deal for many people. Fun Fact: Pixel love fans didn’t buy pixel 2 because it lacks headphone jack.

#2. Price

From the leaks, it suggests that it will be the costliest phone of OnePlus and that’s $600 (Rs. 40,000) and it’s still almost half of the price compared to the flagships like Apple and Samsung. Thing is OnePlus never compromised with build and performance. It has same specification, great display, great camera (not the best but still it’s great in price) and also OnePlus 6 will have waterproofing.

#3. Great Performance

Performance of any Flagships whether it’s Apple or Google is great, No doubt that, but there is something special about OnePlus with this 8GB RAM. If you have seen comparison video on YouTube you might know that OnePlus 5T won against every smartphone. So, OnePlus 6 will have a great performance.

#4. Complete Package

OnePlus is a complete package with the features it provides and that’s missing from many smartphones from years. It will have dual SIM, expandable storage, giant battery. So, OnePlus is maxed out here.

#5. Wireless Charging & Waterproofing

This two reason OnePlus wasn’t counted in a Flagship. Now OnePlus included this two features in the latest OnePlus 6. So, this will be a great deal in the price.

#6. Improved Camera

The camera of this device is improved a lot, That’s what company has to say via twitter. The company claims that OnePlus 6 camera is better than iPhone X, Galaxy S9+ & Pixel 2. I am not sure if the camera will be better than these devices but it will be better than previous models.

So, That’s my thought about the OnePlus 6. Let me know what do you like most about OnePlus that lacks in flagships.