One Year Old Xiaomi Phones will No Longer Be Able to Get MIUI Beta ROMs

Xiaomi is often quick in implementing new features in their MIUI. It’s true that Xiaomi has made even more productive. Although, MIUI is not everyone’s cup of tea. Today, Xiaomi announced a new policy for their MIUI. And this could be bad news for some users. Starting from the upcoming month, new entry-level Redmi devices along with one-year-old Xiaomi smartphones will no longer be able to get MIUI Beta ROMs.

It means a user who does always apply as a beta tester won’t be able to get MIUI Beta ROM updates on their devices. The new policy will come in play starting from the next month, July 5. Xiaomi smartphone owners who are using phones launched in June 2018 or earlier will no longer get MIUI Beta to build updates. However, do make sure, the new policy only affects the Beta builds, there won’t be any restrictions for the stable update.

Beta builds will only be restricted to the entry-level Redmi devices and one-year-old Xiaomi phones. So, the only way remains here to install Beta ROMs is via fastboot method. So, the user has to manually find it on the web and download it to flash on their devices.

Xiaomi has announced about their new MIUI policy on official MIUI forum. There isn’t yet information about the upcoming MIUI 11. But, I guess the new policy would be also applied to it. Now, it isn’t a big deal though. People can still use the latest Beta build on their device by flashing it manually. And most of the users only wait for the stable release. So, the new policy change will affect a small group of people who love using beta builds on their devices.


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