Nokia 9’s Underdisplay Fingerprint Sensor Unlocks Phone w/ “Packet of Chewing Gum”

The world’s first Penta-camera smartphone struggling in the smartphone market right now. Yet it has to be launched in India which is rumored to hit the market by the end of April. Keeping everything aside, HMD Global is releasing the first update on this phone carries nifty improvements.

The new update is now rolling out promises to improve system stability and some user interface changes. Although, it seems the under display fingerprint sensor is not quite ready to keep the phone secure. Recently, a Nokia 9 PureView user shared a video on his Twitter profile which shows the phone now can be easily unlocked with the packet of chewing gum. Seriously!

I know it sounds so much fun. But, please don’t laugh. In video user first unlocks the phone with his registered finger and then he puts chewing gum packet on under display fingerprint sensor. The phone just unlocks the phone as it does with the registered finger. Of course, HMD Global will fix this and it is a software issue.

Apart from the chewing gum packet experiment, he also tries to someone’s unregistered finger. And guess what, yes, it also works. Nothing can be funnier than this vulnerability right now in Nokia 9 PureView device.

The phone is coming to India by the end of April. And yesterday, we shared an update in Telegram channel about its pricing. In India, the phone might get the price tag of Rs. 46,999. Let us know what do you think about this in the comment box!