Nokia’s German PR Explains Why Nokia 9 PureView Facing Delays

Nokia 9 Pureview was the hot topic when there was a rumor it is coming with the Penta camera setup. Now, for the first time, we are hearing officially about the upcoming Nokia 9 PureView device. HMD Global celebrating two years of its Nokia brand. Reportedly, the company has sold out over 70 million units including features phones, over the course of 24 months. And as we know, HMD Global has plans to launch new Nokia 9 in the market.

The Nokia 9 PureView is rumored to come with the fiver ZEISS optics over the back which gives the PureView tag to the phone. Yet, it not confirmed which lenses will be there. But, we have shared article earlier on lenses. However, the device is facing delay because of several reasons. Now, we are hearing, maybe for the first time, officially about the Nokia 9 PureView. Nokia’s German PR, Britta Gerbracht, who said there will be a delay in this smartphone.

Apparently, the company has fully developed the phone with the Penta-camera setup on over the back and device is now in passing through the test phase. The company is not yet fully satisfies with the phone’s camera performance. And the company requires still more time to make it better.

Because this is going to be the Nokia’s photography-centric device, the excellence over the photography is a primary need. HMD Global once again wants to focus on the high-quality photos from the such a premium smartphone. Right now, if you are eagerly waiting for the Nokia 9 PureView device, you can expect it in 2019 at Mobile World Congress.


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