Nokia 6.1 Plus Tips & Tricks to Get Most Out of Your Android One Smartphone!

Nokia 6.1 Plus launched in India today. HMD Global launched a Nokia branded phone at the event in Delhi which is priced very aggressively to compete with the Xiaomi, Asus, and Realme. HMD Global launched Nokia 6.1 Plus in China first with the name of Nokia X6.

Nokia 6.1 is Android One Smartphone, that means it will get regularly update directly from the Google. This Android skin has no bloatware at all. Some major features you might miss if you are coming from MIUI or EMUI. So, Here are top Tips and Tricks to get the most out of Android One for your Nokia 6.1 Plus smartphone.

#1. Enable Gestures

Gestures are the important feature of an Android. The latest OS is using gesture to make things easy. You can assign a few gestures in this device.

To Enable go to Setting –> System –> Gestures

Swipe fingerprint for notifications gesture is the best gesture among all. When you swipe down the fingerprint sensor, The notification panel will show up. There are a total of 5 gestures available in the gesture setting.

#2. Enable Ambient Display

Ambient Display is very similar to the always on display, This feature will let you see the time, date and notification on the display.


To Enable go to Setting –> Display –> Advance –> Ambient Display –> Enable

#3. Unlock System UI Tuner to Enable Hidden Features

Pure Android doesn’t have a lot of function to play with. Well, It’s sort of true but you can enable extra features from the System UI Tuner. This will let you unlock some customization.

To Enable go to Setting –> System –> System UI Tuner –> Status Bar

Here you can see icons which will be visible to your status bar, So if you want your status bar clean, then just disable all.

#4. Use The Fingerprint For Navigation

This feature is (sort of) different then what we have discussed earlier, so don’t get confused.

From now on, a single tap on the sensor will double up for the Back button. For the Home button, long-tap on the sensor, whereas a right/left swipe on the sensor will open up the recent app. Cool, right?

To Enable go to Setting –> Search Bar –> Navigation –> Enable

#5. Face Unlock 

Face Unlock is a new feature of Nokia 6.1 Plus. It is using software thing to set up your face. Face Unlock is kind of cool feature in the daytime because it isn’t working that good at night.

To Enable: Setting –> Security –> Screen Lock –> Smart Unlock –> Trusted Face

#6. Automatically Switch to Mobile Data

It happens when you are connected to Wi-Fi and after some time you realize that Wi-Fi doesn’t have active data, and you waste your valuable time. Instead what you can do is enable this feature. This will enable mobile data automatically when connected Wi-Fi doesn’t have active internet. Cool Right?

‘To Enable: Setting –> Network & Internet –> Wi-Fi –> Wi-Fi Preference –> Advance –> Switch to mobile data automatically

So, This is how you can improve your Android experience and get the most out of your Nokia 6.1 Plus Android One Smartphone.