New Vodafone Packs Offering 12 Months of Netflix Subscription for Free

Clearly, Reliance Jio is giving tough competition to other telcos in India. Compared to the other network operators Jio is offering more beneficial plans and sometimes free data as Jio IPL pack subscribers have received three days ago to celebrate IPL final. Now, Reliance is looking forward to expanding their services in form of the postpaid subscriptions and with that Vodafone is also making a tough wall to stand out against Jio with their new postpaid plans.

These are the New Packs

Vodafone introduces 8 new plans for their postpaid subscribers, each contains different internet data as well as different benefits. However, in the expensive plans from each user will get the benefits up to Rs. 14,600. We will take a look at each of the plans in a bit. But, first, let us take a look at each plan names.

  • Vodafone RED Basic
  • Vodafone RED Traveler R
  • Vodafone RED Traveler M
  • Vodafone RED Traveler L
  • Vodafone RED International R
  • Vodafone RED International M
  • Vodafone RED International L
  • Vodafone RED Signature

It is worth to mention here that first three packs don’t contain the free Netflix service. So, if you are looking forward to getting the same, you will need to purchase the at least RED Traveler L pack which starts from the Rs. 999/month.

RED Signature

RED Signature contains the maximum benefits among all. With this pack, the user will get services worth Rs. 14,600 as mentioned on their official website. The services include the 12-months of Netflix, Vodafone play, device protection and Magzter subscription for free. Further, the user will get the private executive to get all answer related to their relationship.

This pack features 300GB of data to use as well as user can also carry forward the data up to 500GB. Talking about the calling it will be completely free with 100 free SMSs. This pack costs Rs. 2,999/month.

RED International L

RED International L has the same services available. But, there is a little bit change in three subscriptions. As you can see in the image, this pack offers services worth Rs. 6,900 for free. Well, this pack features 3-months of Netflix subscription and 4-months of device protection and Magzter subscription. Also, there is a change in the internet data. The user will have to manage the 200GB data with the 200GB carry forward data instead of 500GB. This pack costs Rs. 1,999/month.

RED International M

To activate this plan users have to pay Rs. 1,699 per month to get services worth Rs. 5,700 for free. You will notice there is one month reduced in Netflix subscription as well as the data limit which Vodafone offering is 150GB with up to 200GB carry forward. Further, ISD minuted have also now down by 100 minutes.

RED International R

This pack features the same service compared to the RED International M for Rs. 1,299 per month except for the data limit. This pack offers the data of 100GB per month.

RED Traveler L

This is the cheapest pack which offers the Netflix service free for 2 months. The user must have to purchase this pack in order to get the free Netflix service. This pack offers the 75GB of internet data with no ISD minutes. However, other services remain as we have seen in the above pack.

If you want to get an in-depth look at these all packs, you are free to navigate on Vodafone’s official website. But make sure, you have to provide your name, phone number and email id to get this pack details.

  • Click here to go on the official Vodafone website. You should get the same page as I have attached below. Select the first option. It will ask for your name, phone number, email id, and city. Enter it and that’s it. You should get the plan details on your device screen.

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