Motorola Filed a Patent of Foldable Phone Features Thermal Element in Hinge

Smartphone manufacturers are now focusing on the durable flexible smartphone to launch in the mobile market. The smartphone got ‘almost’ bezel-less design. Yes, I am pointing out my finger towards the Vivo NEX and upcoming Oppo Find X device. With ‘smart’ technology for a smartphone, we could have the flexible smartphones by 2020. As we see daily, the different manufacturers are developing their own technology and ideas to make smartphone foldable. As a reference, we can take ZTE Axon M.

Now, Motorola has also joined the same race. The company has filed a patent for foldable display with the thermal element in the hinge. We will be looking at in a short time. Considering the report, the patent named as ‘Method to recover permanent set in a foldable display.’ 

As the majority of smartphones comes with the OLED display which can be folded in any shape as you want. Thanks to the multiple plastic layers on it. But, as we know, it rains, it pours. Everything has their own advantages and disadvantages. The OLED display has one major disadvantage. Researchers have found if the foldable smartphone is too long in its folded position, the semi-permanent deformation takes place. It leads manufacturers to apply their own idea and invent a new technique. The Motorola did the same.

The OLED display has multiple plastic layers. And the distortion can be easily removed if the proper heat is supplied. To fold and unfold a smartphone, there is a hinge required, which is one kind of dead portion in the mobile phone body. To reduce the distortion effect, Motorola has installed a thermal element in the hinge which heats up the display elements and removes the semi-permanent deformation.

Well, to provide the better user experience with the foldable screen smartphone, the way company provides to fold and unfold a smartphone is also matters. In the patent as the new tech developed by the Motorola, the company is completely unique. It is the first time we see the heating module in the hinge. Using such way, manufacturers can offer the full display layer without any cut which can be easily folded.

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