Monitor Data Usage in ‘Real-time’ on Your Android Device

Google has finally added a new way to Android smartphone to track data usage. In the data usage screen under the network settings, you will be able to monitor data usage and billing cycle. However, still, there is a lack of real-time data usage feature that can show you the usage at your every tap. But, yes, the one thing I agree with is, Android’s calculation of data usage per application is the great compared to any third-party application. So, I suggest you for not to stop the pre-loaded service.

The concept of showing the internet speed in notification panel was first discovered by the Xiaomi brand. Xiaomi devices come with the MIUI installed atop Android OS. The company provides the toggle to turn on the internet speed on the notification, that you can use to monitor internet speed in real-time. Later on, it was adopted by the Google for other smartphones.

Internet Speed Meter Lite

To monitor your data in real-time all you need to do is install an app from the Google Play Store named Internet Speed Meter Lite. This app shows the amount of data that you have used in the notification panel. Further, the application shows how much data you have used per day. So, you can monitor your usage. To install navigate to download page from here.

The developer has tried to make this application as simple as possible. As you will open the app, there are three different sections provided – Mobile, Wi-Fi, and Total. Yes, it happens sometimes, you download something and you think, the data used from the SIM internet pack and you cannot note down the perfect number. There are no worries if you use your data from the Wi-Fi somewhere. It will filter the data usage.

This app does not come with any ads. Hence, it doesn’t contain in-app-purchases. Once you will activate this application, it will run 24 x 7 in your device notification bar. Of course, you can clean app from recent. I know the thing that comes to your mind is the battery. No, you are thinking wrong. This is not a power-hungry application and I think that is the plus point. Let me know what you are thinking about this application.