MIUI 11 will Get Rid of Ads to Improve Users Experience; Also Brings New Features

Xiaomi’s phones are very popular in the budget segment and the company is earning well enough money by showing ads on their devices. While asking Manu Kumar Jain, He said ads are appearing to support development cost of their in system apps like Music, Videos and many other.

Today, Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun confirmed that he is in talks with MIUI Developer team from 3 hours and they will prioritize to solve users issue with MIUI 11. Xiaomi’s Product director Wang Teng Thomas has confirmed that the MIUI team will remove the Ads from a system that affects the user experience and will also remove vulgar ads.

MIUI 11 Development is already started and we know some of the features that are coming with MIUI 11. The company promised new and refreshed OS will come to Xiaomi device. The MIUI 11 will come with redesigned icons and Maybe the Whole UI as well and Ultimate Power Saving Mode.

MIUI 11 Features:

  • Support for WeChat / QQ call recording
  • Local recycle bin for SMS, Photos, Documents, and other files that get deleted automatically after 3 days
  • Magnifying glass triggered by shortcut key to helping users zoom into a picture or text
  • New Notification box with custom filters and notifications that are not read for 12-hours are added to the notification box storage. It will not be cleared with on-click cleaning. Users can browse and find them and clear later.
  • Ultimate Power Saving mode to let users only use SMS and Phone
  • Curriculum viewing and alerting in a calendar for a schedule of different events in a day