MIUI 11 to Bring App Drawer, Always-On Display, Ads Improvement and More…

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Xiaomi’s custom designed Operating System based on Android is getting a makeover and the 11th version of MIUI is expected to arrive in September this year. MIUI 11 will get a bunch of new features and the company is also planning to make changes on its Ad Policy.

MIUI 11 is still in the testing stage and we don’t have depth information on upcoming OS so here is everything we know so far about MIUI 11.

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App Drawer in MIUI Launcher

Xiaomi is finally putting App drawer in the MIUI launcher after hearing a lot of feedback from the last few years. The launcher is still in alfa stage and you need to tap on the middle button in the app bar to open the app drawer. This version doesn’t allow to open app drawer with swipe up.

Image Courtesy: XDA Developers

So, We can expect it to be ready with all the necessary features in the next few months. Xiaomi’s subsidiary brand Poco has its own Poco Launcher and that supports App drawer and some other customization features. Personally, I really liked Poco Launcher and expecting Xiaomi to do something like that with MIUI launcher.

Always-On Display

While some of the Xiaomi devices started getting Always-On display feature in the latest MIUI Beta version, This feature will be available to all the Xiaomi devices having AMOLED panel with MIUI 11. There will be more than 12 new clocks and notification style as you can see in the screenshot.

Image Courtesy: TechinDeep

Ads Improvement

Xiaomi’s Product Director Mr. Wang Teng Thomas’s said on Weibo that company will regulate the Ads in upcoming MIUI version. Xiaomi will remove some Obnoxious Ads from the Operating System. That doesn’t mean all the Ads are going away, As the statement refers to the only limited number of Ads.

Some Minor Improvements

  • New Battery scanning feature, and Power saving mode.
  • Fast charging logo is different in MIUI 11.
  • Floating Notification has better animations.
Image Courtesy: TechinDeep

There isn’t much information available at this moment about MIUI 11. I will make sure to update this article in case I will get a lid on new features of MIUI 11.

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