MIUI 11 Coming in Second Half of 2019: Here’s MIUI 11 Supported Device List

It is no secret that Xiaomi is testing MIUI 11 internally in the lab. The company is now on top in the list of the mid-range smartphone market. However, MIUI is not everyone’s cup of tea. But, I admit it, MIUI is getting better with the time. And now, there are some more interesting droplets that might make you excited about the MIUI 11.

Today, Xiaomi’s product director Van Teng has done talk with some MIUI fans where he has confirmed that a new MIUI 11 will be released in the second half of 2019. Further, the MIUI team expects to provide an improved user experience with some new features. But all in all, the new MIUI 11 will follow the minimal design without those ‘cheeky’ ads.

“In general, we are working overtime to create a single new design, and I hope that this will allow MIUI 11 to win high reputation. A new shell will be released in the second half of the year.” – Van Teng, Xiaomi Product Director.

First, let’s take a look at the new changes that you will see in MIUI 11.

Redesigned Icons, and Maybe Whole UI as well

On March 28th, MIUI officially organized Question-Answer session with the product director Liu Ming and design director Gai Rui where they asked for the upcoming MIUI update. Without sharing detailed information, they just gave rice noodles. MIUI product manager said, “We are working overtime to do a unified design. I hope that MIUI 11 will gain everyone’s praise. Of course, the icon is definitely new.”

We all know, Xiaomi hasn’t changed icon style since the MIUI 6 came in light. Over the year, there are other system UI and new features have been added in every iteration. Well, users might see MIUI 11 in new clothes. But, for sure there will be newly redesigned icons.

Ultimate Power Saving Mode

Furthermore, MIUI product manager also revealed that MIUI 11 will also have “Ultimate Power Saving Mode”. Now, the feature seems to be the same as Google’s ‘Adaptive Battery’. The feature helps to extend battery life by limiting power usage for infrequently used applications. Mr. Ming said it will change the screen in a black and white mode in order to prevent usage of more power when there is a shortage.

Well, you can be excited for MIUI 11 though. Let us know what do you think about this in the comment section below. We will keep you updated as we get further information.

MIUI 11 Supported Devices

If you can’t see the third column on your smartphone, we suggest you rotate and take a look in landscape mode. If you directly want to find your device use ‘find word’ tool.

NOTE: People who are asking for Poco F1 device, please do note, the phone will be on the official list. This is a list for only Mi and Redmi phones.

Mi LineupRedmi LineupMi Pad
Mi 9 SERedmi K20 Pro
Mi 9 EERedmi K20
Mi 9Redmi Note 7Mi Pad 4
Mi 8Redmi Note 7 ProMi Pad 4 Plus
Mi Mix 3Redmi Note 6-
Mi Mix 2SRedmi Note 6 Pro-
Mi Mix 2Redmi 6-
Mi MixRedmi 6A-
Mi 6XRedmi 6 Pro-
Mi 6Redmi S2-
Mi Notes 2Redmi 5 Plus-
Mi Notes 3Redmi 5-
Mi 5XRedmi Note 5A-
Mi 5CRedmi Note 5-
Mi 5SRedmi Note 5 Pro-
Mi 5S PlusRedmi 5A-
Mi MaxRedmi Note 4X-
Mi PlayRedmi Note 4-
-Redmi 4-
-Redmi 4A-
-Redmi 4X-
-Redmi 3S/3X-

Right now the devices are mentioned in the list is not confirmed by Xiaomi. So, we are missing the following devices in the list.

  • Mi 4C
  • Mi 4S
  • Redmi 3 Pro