Mi 8 Explorer Edition Have ‘Fake Sticker’ Under the Transparent Glass: Reports

To celebrate 8th Anniversary Xiaomi has launched three new trios in the market. Well, we are familiar with the Mi 8 and Mi 8 SE. But, there is another new family member that comes with the transparent glass on the back offers a clear vision to the user to see internal components. Just yesterday I have shared images of Mi 8 Explorer Edition smartphone. Now, today interesting information popped up on the internet.

Chengming Alpert, a critic says the internal components that user can see from the transparent glass is just a gimmick. Actually, Mi 8 Explorer edition comes with the “3D Platic Cover Inside the Glass” to provide a vision of internal components.

Chengming has also shared Xiaomi’s description image on his Twitter handle in which he highlights the text says that smartphone shows internal components from the backside, they are not actual. They will not match to real ones. Further, he also claims that the components are too far away from each other and there is also no heatsink we can see from the back that keeps smartphone cool.

The talk has gone too far away and the Verge asked Xiaomi regarding this blame. However, in reply the company adhered to its line and said, there is no 3D printer plastic sticker used. The components which we can see from the transparent glass are real. 

It will be interesting to see what happens next. Who wins in this game and that will be decided once the device will pass through the operation and probably the teardown will be done by iFixit. It will give us throw the light on the actual situation.