Mi Mix 3 In-Hand Image Shows Truly Bezel-less Display

Started by the well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi, the ‘bezel-less’ word is now a new trend in smartphones. Majority of mobile phone companies are innovating new ideas to manufacture bezel-less smartphone. And now this is not shocking for us. In recent times, the Oppo Find X hit headlines and we know why! Firstly, Xiaomi has launched Mi Mix device was featuring bezel-less design (not truly). Later on, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 and Mi Mix 2S launched with the similar footprint but with highly reduced bezels and improved internals.

Now, the newly leaked image shows a Xiaomi device that could be the upcoming Mi Mix series device – Mix 3. All we can see is the device with almost no bezels or we can say truly bezel-less device. I’ll not wrong if I say, it is the same as previously launched Vivo NEX and Oppo Find X. It is clear, the smartphone manufacturers are turning towards the truly bezel-less as well as the foldable screen smartphones. And it makes us visualize the better and smart future.

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Apparently, it is clearly seen that Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will not have the same footprint as Mi Mix 2 and Mi Mix 2S. This time Xiaomi will ditch the chin to provide as possible as the higher screen-to-body ratio. So the user can get more space to play with their smartphone screen. Since there is no front camera can be easily seen in the image, it seems like the Xiaomi has managed to implement the tech like Vivo NEX device. I would say not like Oppo Find X. Why? Because it could take the price tag at the higher level because of the motorized tech. It is much easier to provide a camera tray.

There is no doubt it will have better internals. It could come with the latest Snapdragon 845 chipset. After all, it will be one of the flagship smartphones from Xiaomi. Right now, there is no other information available about this device on the web. This is the first image we came across today. So, to keep yourself updated with latest updates, make sure you join out Telegram channel.

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