Meet the ‘OnePlus Roaming’ Feature that Doesn’t Require SIM Card

New Oxygen OS Open Beta 7 is now available for the OnePlus 6 device. As usual, it brings some of the improvements and fixes which includes some basic changes like the addition of the video enhancer, vibration upon the call ends, some of the UI improvements, etc. People in India are limited to these features. But, for UK users, OnePlus has introduced a new feature called ‘OnePlus Roaming’. So, let’s dive into the detail and see what it is!

So, the ‘OnePlus Roaming’ feature lets you use the internet data without SIM card. So, it translates to the SIM-free data service which allows the user to surf the internet. Now, things are clear here, without SIM card you cannot call anyone using this feature. But, that’s not the problem. In 2018, most of the messaging services are not supports the voice call as well as the video calls.

The feature should be available in most of the country. Because reportedly it is said to be that ‘OnePlus Roaming’ will be available ‘globally in most of the countries/regions’. However, we are still in the dark of the country listing. So, it might take place when the stable version rolls out.

If you want to check on your OnePlus device which is running over the Oxygen OS Open Beat 7, you can go on the following path: Settings -> Wi-Fi & Internet -> OnePlus Roaming. To use it, you have to purchase the OnePlus Roaming package and after then you will be able to surf the internet.

Also, do note that right now this feature is only available on the OnePlus 6 device. However, the OnePlus 6T is in the pipeline and it will receive this feature soon. But the date is still unknown.


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