Meet The New Google Image Previewer

Google has made some sweet changes in images tab. Some features are added and some are removed. I am sure you are missing that ‘View image’ button which had helped so many people to download images without going on source link. Later on it is removed and some new features added like Google images now shows a brief description about image.

Anyways, now let us meet the new Google image previewer. That old previewer now converted into the stylish Google’s square box which shows the image. Here it is;

The new preview has some normal changes. Like it has added those next and previous image buttons which are in the square shape. If you take closer look on that, it shows the smaller previews inside the square box. More over the design is changed. Instead of that grayish design now it has clean white design, which helps more to focus on text. Further it shows the related images below that main image.

We should thank Google, after a long time finally all small features are getting the new look. Recently, Google has released whole new Gmail which is indeed fast and super easy to use. You can get all your work done in the one place. We made that easy for you. Just check the latest video below!