MediaTek 5G Chipset Announced with New Cortex A77 Architecture

MediaTek has been teasing its 5G chipset from quite a while and company finally unveiled its new 5G chipset that carries MediaTek Helio M70 5G Modem. MediaTek Helio M70 is the company’s first integrated chip to include top-level CPU, GPU, ISP, and AI with the 5G modem.

The MediaTek 5G SoC is made on innovative 7nm FinFET process. The lower the size consumes the less power. The new Cortex A77 architectures are used and the newly launched Mali G-77 is used for GPU that makes it the first MediaTek chipset to load top level CPU, GPU, and ISP. MediaTek is using its own AI Processing Unit (APU) to deliver better AI performance.

The newly launched MediaTek 5G chipset supports 4K video encode and decode at 60fps and also supports Camera sensor up to 80MP.

The multi-mode 5G chipset is for 5G stand alone and non-stand alone (SA/NSA) sub-6GHz networks. It supports connectivity from 2G to 4G to bridge existing network access while 5G networks roll out globally.

The M70 5G modem will provide up to 4.7 Gbps download speed and up to 2.5Gbps upload speed with intelligent power saving feature. 

The company will start using the chipset starting from Q4 2019 and we will see the devices powered by MediaTek 5G chipset from early next year.